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  • Can't install Internet Explorer 9 (Error 3715), had IE 9 installed uninstalled and now won't reinstall?

    Windows 7 64Bit and

    Windows 7 32Bit machine having the same problem. 

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013 2:42 PM


  • maybe you should uninstall/reinstall IE 8 also.

    @ Andy

    Since this is W7 can he uninstall IE8 in any (designed) way?  E.g. we are always told that unchecking  Internet Explorer 8  in Windows Features  just hides the  iexplore.exe  stub and any of its shortcuts.  But doing that grinds away doing something that suggests much more is being done.  What is that?  Does it change the list of packages (or do anything else significant) in  %Windir%\servicing or WinSxS?  Should that something be checked as a diagnostic?

    I recently became aware of dism's Disable-Feature possibility.  What would this do as an alternative?  Is there any repair (or diagnostic) possibility from it?  AIUI the command would be:

    dism.exe  /online  /Disable-Feature:Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64

    (for example) but don't know if this is a "Windows Foundation Package".   How do we tell?   I guess the fact that it responds to a Get-FeatureInfo  request without a PackageName parameter implies that it is?  <eg>

    Heh.  Doing that (Get-FeatureInfo) just helped me find

    Whoopee.  If that is just a UI method of doing  Disable-Feature  that  would have been useful to know.  However, I have the impression that  Disable-Feature  may do more.  I have a Virtual W7 that I was planning on experimenting with to try to understand how all this stuff works but would appreciate seeing some clear complete documentation for it too.

    For an example of the sort of confusion that end users are suffering because of uncertainty about the implementation of IE in W7 and lack of a complete and effective IE Repair tool see:

    My involvement in that thread actually started earlier but that is as far back as the limit of 40 RSS view allows me to go to get a relevant msgId.   ; )




    Robert Aldwinckle

    Friday, October 11, 2013 3:37 PM

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