Add additional APP/WFE (server 2007) RRS feed

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  • I originally had a WFE, an APP, and a SQL Server for my MOPS2007 system. I reconfigured the system to turn the WFE server into a development system (with APP/WFE services). So now I have two identically configured servers running the app/wfe services but sharing the SQL server. Now I want to rejoin the two servers for the one production system. So this would give me application load balancing for my production system.  I know others might want to seperate the WFE and APP onto the two servers but we are not pushing the WFE capabilities in this system, so I'd rather beef up the application. For this reason I plan to run each system with all services. To do this, is it as simple as running the wizard and select the option to join to existing farm? i plan to quiesce the system first, is that correct? Do I need to delete the database instances the dev system was using before I do this? I appreciate your input to this.
    Monday, May 9, 2011 7:39 PM