The Unsolvable Issue - Display Adaptor Conflict (Code 39) RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    I have an issue that has been driving me crazy for the last year because every attempt to solve this issue has failed, and I had to reinstall windows at that point.  But I know somewhere there is a way to fix it without having to reinstall windows.

    Here is the issue:  
    (Windows XP Professional 32-bit)

    The Display Hardware (weather it's Intel, ATI, or NVIDIA) starts to have a conflict (the yellow dot with a "!" on it) and it reads in the details something like "cannot load driver (code 39)".  This doesn't happen while windows is running, it shows up after a reboot.  And 80% of the users of these computers that have had this issue said that the issue started after a Windows Update.  And this issue has only happened on a machine running Windows XP so far.

    The computers that have had this issue are all different machines, desktops and laptops, with different video cards.  I have already tried the following to fix this issue...and it didn't work:

       - System Restore
       - Repair Windows (boot with the Windows XP and run the repair install)
       - Uninstall/Reinstall display drivers (both Normal Mode and Safe Mode)
       - Virus/Malware Scan (with mulitple programs:  MBAM, Symantec, Spybot)
       - NDIS.sys file replacement (but file seemed not to be corrupt anyway)
       - chkdsk /r
       - replacing the video card with a completely different one

    So, no matter what I have tried the conflict still sits there on the video card.  Although, while I was in Safe Mode, the conflict didn't exist...of course the driver isn't loaded in Safe Mode, so.....  I have even tried unchecking all the Startup Services and Startup Items within msconfig, with no luck.

    I thought this issue would be the cause of a virus or some malware, but most of the time this issue comes up after a Windows Update.  This has happened about 10 times already and I'm starting to get very frustrated with not being able to solve this issue.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue before?  And/or does anyone have some advice as to what else I could try to fix this issue without having to reinstall Windows XP?

    Thank you very much for your help.


    Friday, January 6, 2012 7:32 PM