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  • We are trying to automate the CDN activation process via PowerShell. We are CSP partners 

    Here's what I did in Powershell.

    Logged into Clients account via powershell after creating the account in CSP center. 

    Subscription ID, tenant ID isn't shown in the details displayed 
    I checked with the existing CDN accounts we have and it shows the same. So I believe that is okay.
    Then I went ahead and executed few commands to display the subscription ID, resourcegroup name, location and checked for the availability of endpoint name, It all worked fine.
    Then when I use the command to create a CDN profile using the details I had mentioned before, it shows me an error saying " this.client.subscriptionID" cannot be null
    Also when I checked for the azure subscription the account has, it displays Microsoft Partner Network account details.
    This is where I have been stuck for the past 2 days now. I have tried using different commands but nothing works and I get the same error message with regards to the subscription ID.
    I have attached the image screenshot as well as the commands.
    Is there anyone who can help me with this? 
    I even checked the existing accounts automation scripts code and tried with those as well. It displays the same error.
    Thursday, July 13, 2017 4:49 AM