Windows 10 - Disable Settings and Control Panel and allow only access to mmsys.cpl (sound)


  • I am having some trouble with locking down the control pabnel and settings items in windows 10.


    Lockout users from all but one control panel item (mmsys.cpl - sound)

    Disable settings "app"


    When settings the following GPO settings "Prohibit Access to Control Panel and PC settings", the user cannot access either the CP or the settings app.. thats great, but... I need to allow them access to the mmsys.cpl (sound cpl)

    So.. I have to set the GPO setting "show only specified control panel items", which only works when I disable the previously referenced GPO ""Prohibit Access to Control Panel and PC settings" when I do that the user can only open the sound control panel as expected but CAN open the Settings app...

    There seems to be no way to disable settings app and allow only specific CP items.. Or even to disable items within the settings app.

    Super frustrating.. tell me I am doing something wrong please.

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    Wednesday, August 03, 2016 7:29 PM