SCOM Rule Creation


  • Hi

    I am trying to create a rule that generates an alert and send a notification when an event occurs in the active directory; i.e i want to have a notification when an AD user is created...

    i have tried to do it many times with no luck

    What i noticed is that when i go to configure the rule to select the computer name and the type of event source which is security in my case and i select the event ID  and applies the changes.

    I chose my primary domain controller hostname as computer name and i checked names and everything is okay

    but what is weird for me that the computer name is always taking the scom server hostname as computer name .

    Does scom by default collects security events from a remote computer differen from the management server??

    If yes what am i missing??

    if no do i have to edit the xml configuration of the default management pack that i am using in my rule??

    does allow agent proxy has to do with this??

    simply i want a rule that gathers events from a remote machine

    Please i need support because i am stuck here and i am out of ideas how to do it .

    10x in advance

    Saturday, July 27, 2013 9:58 PM

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