Two different Surface 8.1 RT machines share IE11 connection info. RRS feed

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  • I hope this is the correct forum.  I believe this may be a Windows Security issue.  But the symptom is shown in IE11 on two Surface RTs.  Please see my other post that could possibly be related here...


    Yesterday, when I run both of my Surface 8.1 RTs, both connected via Ethernet, to our RG which goes to AT&T ISP, performance today is super sluggish on both machines as they are conflicting and sharing something I do not understand.  I first discovered it this morning when I ran Updates and got an update error code showing in the progress window as it said updates had failed.  When looking into the error code shown (8007???) it said explained it is genereated when you already have the update or some version of that explanation.  I was running Update on both machines simultaneously as I often have in the past without conflict that I recall.  I had to reboot both machines and do them separately.  While browsing IE11 on both machines, they lock up often and seem to be trying to resolve something.  Sometimes after 30-60 seconds it will resolve and allow me to keep going.  As you can see in the attached photo, I turned on the History tab in IE11 on one Surface and while I'm browsing on the other Surface, the one with the History tab on, shows my browsing history from the other machine.  LOL!!  It updates live while I'm browsing.  Really hilarious and really annoying.    I've  been hacked here at a Phd-in-Computer-Engineering-level in the past.  I have no idea if something like that is happening again.  Thanks for listening.

    Christopher Jay Wolff

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017 4:47 PM