OWA 2013: Set default "from" Address for replies to mails in shared mailboxes to the shared mailbox address? RRS feed

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  • Hi everybody,

    we are using plenty of shared mailboxes wich are added to Outlook as secondary mailbox via the "File -> Account Settings -> More Settings -> Advanced" method and in OWA via right klick on the users name and "add shared folder"-method. When a user replies to a mail in the shared mailbox with Outlook the "from"-address gets automatically populated with the shared mailbox address - as it is expected.

    Problem: When a user does the same thing in OWA, the default "from"-address is *not* the shared mailbox address but the users personal address - which is unexpected and inconsistent with the way Outlook works.
    Of course users can switch the "from"-address manually to the shared mailbox address each time they reply to a mail in the shared mailbox, but it's easy to forget this, and if this happens replies to those mails with wrong "from"-address arrive in the user's personal mailbox instead of the shared mailbox. Other users with access to the shared mailbox don't see those replies, cannot answer... it's a mess..

    Is it possible to configure OWA to behave the same way Outlook does when replying to mails in a shared mailbox?



    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 12:15 PM

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  • Simply open the shared mailbox via the "Open another mailbox" functionality in OWA. Or access it directly via: https://owa.domain.com/owa/shared@domain.com

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017 8:04 PM
  • Vasil, thanks, but the "open another mailbox" option seems to require full access rights for this mailbox, which is not the case for most of our employees due to security policies. So we need the "add shared folder" functionality. I should have mentioned that in my first post...

    Do you have another idea? (Somebody else?)

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 12:32 PM
  • Hi Christoph,

    To the best of my knowledge, It is not possible to manipulate the default from address in OWA 

    Outlook is a rich client and hence offers much more features than OWA 

    On OWA you will have to manually change the from field  

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    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 12:47 PM