You're invited to the Microsoft® Forefront™ and Microsoft System Center Launch Event. RRS feed

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  • You're invited to the Microsoft® Forefront™
    and Microsoft System Center Launch Event.

    Join us and experience how the integration of security and IT management software from Microsoft can give you more control over your IT environment!

    Attend the "You’re in Control" launch event and:

    Learn about Microsoft's road map and vision for integrated security and management solutions at the keynote address by Bob Muglia, Sr. Vice President, Server & Tools Business.


    Receive free software* valued at over $3,000, including Microsoft SQL Server™ Standard Edition and other Microsoft infrastructure software!


    Test drive the latest products in the solutions showcase.


    Evaluate solutions in the deep-dive technical breakout sessions and hands-on labs.


    Network with leading technology experts and peers.


    Celebrate the launch at the closing party!

    See how the new security and infrastructure management solutions from Microsoft can help empower your business.




    When you attend you will:

    Learn about Forefront and System Center.


    Try new products.


    Get free software* ($3,000+ value).


    Attend technical break-out sessions and get free training.


    Meet with technology partners, your peers, and experts.

    Who should attend: The "You’re in Control" launch event at the Beverly Hilton has been designed for IT implementers and decision makers from midsize and enterprise companies.


    Attendance at this event is free, however space is limited and will be filled on a first-come basis.

    *Offer good only to the first 1,200 registered attendees on a first-come, first-received. Limit one gift per person, while supplies last. Recipients must attend the May 2nd, 2007 event at the Beverly Hilton to claim their gift. Recipients must be U.S. citizens or residents. This offer is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Recipients will be required to complete a gift acceptance form for tax purposes. Restrictions may apply.


    The “You’re In Control launch” is a Microsoft product launch event generally open to the public.  There will be items of value available at no charge for attendees of this event, including but not limited to software, personal use items, and meals.  However, in order to comply with applicable government gift and ethics rules, Microsoft cannot provide government employees with “giveaways” of Microsoft products or other items of value during the event.  Please identify yourself as a government employee at the event, and refrain from requesting or accepting “giveaways”.


    Thursday, April 26, 2007 9:18 PM

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  • So, ForeFront Client Security is now officially released?

    Thursday, May 10, 2007 6:23 PM
  • Hello!

    Forefront Client Security has officially RTM'ed (Released to Manufacturing).  General availability is 7/1




    Forefront Client Security PM

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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007 9:38 PM
  • I had a question about a CD we received at the event.


    Obviously, the Forefront Client Security CD.  I hope someone can help to answer these three questions.


    1. I read the agreement in the TXT file on the CD and the best I can make of it is that this CD (which has a Product ID on the CD) allows us 25 licenses total.  These 25 licenses count towards the individual client installations, the use of the MOM installation (?) the use of the Client Management installation (?).  Ultimately I assume it covers everything that got installed.  I'm just unclear as what exact in regards to MOM counts as a license and ultimately how many client apps I'm allowed to deploy.


    Client Manager??? - a. Server Software.  You may install and use one copy of the server software on one server.


    b. Additional Software.  You may install and use up to 25 copies of any components that are listed below on any devices.  You may use this software only with the server software and online service. 
    • Client Security Agent - Easy enough.
    • Update Assistant - What exactly is this?
    • Microsoft Operations Manager Reporting Services - Easy enough.
    • Microsoft Operations Manager User Interface - The actual console?
    • Microsoft Operations Manager Web Console - Was this an option?  Installed or not it'll never get used.
    • Microsoft Operations Manager Agent & Helper Binaries - What exactly is this?


    Assuming the last 5 are installed and I actualy used them then that would leave 20 clients that can be installed?  I take it the Client Manager is above and beyond the 25?


    In addition to all this, isn't Forefront a yearly subscription?  So does this apply to only the first year of use?  More confusion.


    2. Two employees went to the event so we have two CDs.  Does that mean we have 50 licenses?


    3. This one comes from my accounting department.  If I'm going to deploy this software to our production environment then I need to plug in a number in regards to price.  Can anyone give a cost to these 25 licenses?


    This is further confusing because at the event there was a clear cost of the Client manager and then individual Client licenses so what came on this CD is rather confusing to me.


    Thanks for any help!


    • Proposed as answer by Fleet Command Friday, June 12, 2009 8:51 AM
    Monday, May 21, 2007 10:31 PM
  • Hello!  I'll try to cover all your questions below:


    Q1:  How does the 25 client licenses work with the included MOM?


    A1:  The 25 client licenses allow you to distribute the FCS client to 25 machines.  The client component contains the MOM agent, so it is covered in those 25 licenses.  You cannot however use the MOM client to attempt to manage other machines outside of FCS (ie - take the MOMagent.msi and install it seperately somewhere else).  Because MOM is a required component of FCS, the 25 client licenses include the usage of the MOM agent on each of those machines (as well as a single MOM server, part of the FCS server install to manage them)


    Q2: Client Manager?


    A2:  Client Manager is the FCS Server component (which includes the MOM server).  The FCS server is used to manage the (up to) 25 clients


    Q3:  Q's about software components


    A3:  Update Assistant:  Server component that runs on the WSUS Server ("Distribution" role) that handles the hourly sync's with MU for definition updates

            MOM UI:  MOM Server installs the MOM administrator and MOM Operator console.  This is NOT the FCS console

            MOM Web console:  FCS does not use/install the MOM web console

            MOM Agent + binaries:  On each FCS client machine, the MOM agent is installed (along with the antimalware agent and the security state assessment agent)


    You can install the Client Security Agent (the AM and SSA components) and the MOM Agent on 25 client computers

    You can install the MOM Reporting Services, etc in one server instance (see the Deployment guide for the various supported topologies)


    Q4:  Yearly subscription?


    A4:  Yes, FCS is a subscription based model, but I don't have the answer for how long the 25 licenses are valid.  I'll have to follow up on that one


    Q5:  2 CDs - 50 licenses?


    A5:  I need to follow up to get an official answer to that one


    Q6:  How much do licenses cost once I deploy in production?


    A6:  I'd recommend you contact your local MSFT field rep for help with that info.  FCS will not be on the formal price list until 7/1


    Hope this helps


    Forefront Client Security PM

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    Thursday, May 24, 2007 4:57 PM