Exchange 2010 Full Hybrid Office 365 removal


  • We have an exchange 2010 server that we just did a Full Hybrid migration with Office 365.  We are using Azure AD Connect to synchronize our AD users to Office 365.  Our goal is to move all mailboxes to Office 365, remove Exchange 2010 and reuse the server for installing the Exchange Hybrid 2016 server.  However after reading numerous threads on this topic, I'm looking for something a little clearer on the process.

    The situation I face is that I need to re utilize the current server that Exchange 2010 is on.

    I have already migrated some mailboxes over to Office 365, so I'm wanting to get a good idea of the flow for when all mailboxes are moved.  I have the commands ready for breaking the Full Hybrid to where we are only using Azure AD Connect to sync users and all DNS will be pointed to Office 365.  The part that I'm not clear on is, what will happen when I fully remove Exchange 2010 from the Active Directory environment and then try to install the Exchange Hybrid 2016 server?

    Can I fully decommission the Exchange 2010 server, remove it from the network then bring up a new server with Exchange Hybrid 2016 server?  I read that I need to have the mailbox server role enabled in order to manage the Office 365 mailboxes from the Exchange Management Console.  Are there any other roles that need to be installed/enabled as well?

    Tuesday, May 15, 2018 11:55 PM