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    Emerging Hardware Support

    •SP2 contains Blue tooth 2.1 feature pack supporting the most recent specification for Blue tooth technology

    •Ability to record data on Blu-Ray media,

    •Adds Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration to Windows Vista SP2,

    •exFAT file system now supports UTC timestamps, which enables correct file synchronization across time zones.

    •SP2 provides support for new form factors, such as ICCD/CCID. new form factor support –example USB form factor as   opposed to PCMCIA).

    •Support for the new VIA 64-bit CPU


    •SP2 includes all previously released security updates, and builds on the proven security benefits of Windows Vista

    •Secure Development Lifecycle process updates, where we identify the root cause of each security bulletin and improve our internal tools to eliminate code patterns that could lead to future vulnerabilities


    •SP2 addresses previously released reliability updates, as well as addressing crashes, caused by Microsoft code, discovered since the launch of SP1



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  • Features Added in SP2:



    Hardware ecosystem support and enhancements:


    1.       SP2 adds support for the 64-bit central processing unit (CPU) from VIA Technologies, which adds the ID and vendor strings for the new VIA 64-bit CPU.

    2.       SP2 integrates the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless, which contains support for Bluetooth v2.1 and Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration. Bluetooth v2.1 is the most recent specification for Bluetooth wireless technology.

    3.       SP2 improves performance for Wi-Fi connections after resuming from sleep mode.

    4.       SP2 includes updates to the RSS feeds sidebar for improved performance and responsiveness.

    5.       SP2 includes ability to record data to Blu-Ray Disc media.



    Operating system experience updates


    1.       SP2 includes Windows Search 4.0, which builds on Microsoft’s search technology with improved indexing and search relevance.

    2.       SP2 improves Windows Media Center (WMC) in the area of content protection for TV.

    3.       SP2 adds a registry key that enables modification of the maximum number of open TCP connections to increase application compatibility.


    Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality after you install Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista or for Windows Server 2008


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