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  • I have been running Robocopy under Windows 8 for a long time without any problems. Now, all of a sudden, I keep getting the error that Robocopy cannot find the Backup_log.txt file, even though it is quite visible in the C: tree directory. Following is the BAT file we have always been using:-

    robocopy Z:\     F:\backup

    robocopy Z:\IDENTITIES        F:\Backup\IDENTITIES /e /mir /np /z /tee /log:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\LIBRARY           F:\Backup\LIBRARY /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\EX_MEMBERS        F:\Backup\EX_MEMBERS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\Magazine_index    F:\Backup\magazine_Index /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\VENUES            F:\Backup\VENUES /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\MEMBERS           F:\Backup\MEMBERS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\CATHS EVENTS      F:\Backup\CATHS EVENTS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\COMPANY LOGOS     F:\Backup\COMPANY LOGOS /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt
    robocopy Z:\EQUIPMENT         F:\Backup\EQUIPMENT /e /mir /np /z /tee /log+:backup_log.txt

    It is my understanding that the last switch on the first line sets up the log file, and the last switch on all of the subsequent lines adds only those files which have changed since the last backup. If I delete the last switch on all lines, Robocopy works OK, but backs up all files, and not just those which have changed since the last backup.

    Can anyone offer advice on whether I have something wrong in the BAT file above?

    Monday, March 27, 2017 8:13 PM

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  • Hi,

    Is it available to open log:backup_log.txt?
    We could try to run the script as administrator to check the issue.
    If the symptom persists, try a different location.
    “/log+:<LogFile>” means “Writes the status output to the log file (appends the output to the existing log file).” We could try to change the last switch to “/log:<LogFile>” to overwrites the existing log file.
    If you still want to appends the output to existing log file, replace with a full path of the log file and check again.

    Best regards,

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    Tuesday, March 28, 2017 9:57 AM