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  • I am working on an issue with a CRM html page that causes delays when loading object {E9A1CBF0-398D-422F-BA0D-A6DBD5181DC1}, no name/description, no codebase location present in the object tag. The page is served by onpremises CRM 4.0 server.

    I could not find that GUID on either CRM server or CRM Outlook client machine.

    Does any one have any idea on what object/control this GUID represents?

    Also is there a comprehensive list of all controls/objects that form part of CRM 4.0 including all updates/rollups released till now?

    Please direct me to right place if I am posting it in wrong forum category.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:39 AM

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  • Hi,

    Tools>Manage Addons>Show currently loaded addons. double click on an item to display its properties page which has GUID and a link to "Search the web for this addon" or you can customize the columns of the Addons manager to include the GUID value.

    Only COM, custom protocols and Active X addons use a guid.....

    A web search for that Guid has no results.

    You should be able to inspect its object tag to find its type attribute which you can then search the registry for the associated protocol handler.

    GUIDs may be used in uri strings, not just for COM or ActiveX registration. If the GUID is not in the machine or user registry CLSID registry hive it may not be a COM guid.

    I am wondering how you obtained its GUID if it not listed in the Addons Manager or as a CLSID attribute in the Object tag.

    regardless... IE will not load an Addon or plugin (ActiveX control) unless it has a GUID that points the current version inprocessserver... you should inspect its Inprocess32/64 value in the registry

    HKCR\CLSID hive..... if none exists, then it is a non-issue... the orphaned GUID has been removed.

    Some legacy windows tools (reg cleaner) may remove registry entries for unknown COM and ActiveX components. MS security patches may include the GUIDS for blocked legacy components (kill bits).

    Your question might receive a more informed answer from the CRM support forums.

    If you are having problems with IE11 and CRM4, check that the browser is properly configured and that the client IE security zone settings are set to your company defaults.... by default intranet sites load only 32bit controls.


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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017 9:26 AM