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  • Hey guys,

    I am unable to use BitLocker hardware encryption and am trying to figure out the cause. This is a description of the problem:

    -I have a dell XPS 9560 with a retail Samsung 960 Pro 1TB

    [Note: I have previously used BitLocker on the device successfully with software encryption with a Startup PIN without any issues]

    -The drive recently got a firmware update to enable support for Encrypted Drive (which is as far as I understand a prerequisite for using BitLocker's hardware encryption)

    -I enabled eDrive for the SSD, reinstalled Windows and Samsung's Magician now shows that eDrive is enabled

    -Now when I turn on BitLocker for the boot drive it defaults to software encryption and logs the follow message to the windows bitlocker event logs:

    -"BitLocker failed to initialize hardware encryption for volume C:.
    This PC's firmware is not capable of supporting hardware encryption." and 


      <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-BitLocker-API"Guid="{5D674230-CA9F-11DA-A94D-0800200C9A66}" />
      <Keywords>0x4000000000000000</Keywords> "

    -This issue is being discussed on Samsung's forums as well (

    ==> My question is who to contact regarding this (since Samsung is looking into it but seems to think that it could be related to an error in BitLocker itself and Dell customer support couldn't really help me either)? Are there more detailed logs in windows with more information about the error than the message above that might help me identify what the issue is (SSD, BIOS, Windows)?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this

    Saturday, December 16, 2017 1:19 PM

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