Windows XP - does not work, only "Safe Mode" works


  • I have a 3 year old Dell-XPS 400.  Installed Windows XP SP3 a few weeks ago.  Since that time the system started to degrade.  Finally last week I had a number of BSODs all having to do with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION.


    Over the last few days I have worked to look for the reason why the system in the normal windows boot-up does not work correctly or consistantly.  The normal windows boot-up gets to certain points in the boot-up and may hang or take a really long time to get through the boot-up sequences.  Every once in a while the system boots up into Windows XP.  Once running, it is very slow, the internet runs slow also.  It may take 3-5 minutes for a key stroke to connect/respond or a window to close once the command is executed.


    I have tried to complete a system restore in safe mode and normal mode.  I have gone back two months, one month and a few days.  None have worked.

    I have used the check disk utility, comes out clean.  There does not seem to be a problem with either HDDs.

    I have enough space on both HDDs, neither is using more than 30%.


    The system does boot-up in "Safe Mode", "Safe Mode with Networking",  and works fine (speed etc...) in that mode.


    Anybody have any thoughts on what might be going on? 


    Saturday, October 04, 2008 6:06 PM