(REPOST) PWA Appears to Have Lost SharePoint "Context" RRS feed

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  • (I am reposting this from the General Questions forum since I didn't get any responses and am guessing I likely posted it in the wrong forum...)

    We have a PS2013 implementation that was upgraded from a working PS2010 one. Unfortunately, the resulting upgraded system used database names not congruent with names used throughout the rest of the enterprise. Of course, me being the detail-oriented person I am, I resolved to do what was necessary to resolve these silly naming issues; unfortunately, not being the expert on PS administration I should probably be, I didn't know about the "Set-SPProjectDatabase" powershell command which would have (it seems) done this quickly and easily...

    In any case, to accomplish my goal, I performed steps one might do to restore a PS service db and content db from a backup, but I couldn't seem to get things exactly right. I'm telling you this not because I'm hoping to get advice on how to take everything down and start over again, but to give you guys some historical reference on what has been done and why I am where I am... Various [failed] attempts resulted in the PS service application working, but the connected web applications not having permissions set to permit access to the sites as they had previously worked. Finally, in the interest of time and limiting downtime, I explicitly granted permissions to AD security groups to give everyone access to the sites, but managed to decouple the sites from the PWA projects to the point where I can't seem to get them linked back up. I suspect this is because the PWA has somehow lost its understanding of what SP farm it belongs to. This reason I believe this is because when I go to any area of the PWA administration site that has anything to do with connected SharePoint sites and attempt to select the "Web Application", the drop down list is entirely empty.

    While I am perfectly okay with making modifications to the PS service db directly to resolve the issue, I would be grateful if anyone has any poweshell/stsadm commands they can think of that would recouple these sites to the PWA project instances. Thank you much.

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013 9:45 PM