Implementing SCOM 2012 - Small Environment


  • Hi, I need to implement SCOM 2012 Operations Manager in a Small  Business Enviroment. There are only 30 Virtual servers and over the next 5 years we predict a growth of only up to a maximum of 50 - 60 servers.

    The infrastructure currently runs in Vsphere a couple of 3x DL385 Gen8 esx hosts and a HP P2000 San.

    Now what i want to know is can I install SCOM into this enviroment using only 1 SQL server. Which would store both the OP Database and the Datawarehouse and Reporting Services?

    I can add resources (Disk, CPU, Memory) to this SQL server very easily if i start getting performance issues.

    I thought due to the fact that it is not managing very many servers nor will be in the forseeable future that splitting the SQL components may not need to be done. 

    So can someone advise whether this would be ok for a environment of this size... or should I have it split up onto different servers?

    The reason i ask is I don't want to waste resource if there is going to be little resource use on the server due to the size of the environment. 

    Thanks for your time.

    Thursday, June 27, 2013 11:12 PM


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