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    Our Branch Office DC is connected to Main Office DC with a Demand Dial Connection in RRAS Everything is connected fine for a little bit then its like the connection just gives out, it stays connected but i cannot ping the branch office DC with the local IP from the Main Office or access any network shares on it. When this happens i have to disconnect the server at the remote office and wait for it to reconnect im currently baffled as there are no Error LOGS to help me along and there doesnt seem to be anything that would be causing the issue for now until i get some answers as to what is going on i opened a command prompt on the DC here at the main office and i typed "ping -t100" to monitor the connection more or less and when i see it timeout i reconnect it, i also have the networking tab open in task manager to monitor the LAN and RAS (Dial-In) Interface  the LAN doesnt seem too active but the RAS Interface does its got a constant network utilization of 0.28% and the Demand Dial interface on the remote office DC has a Utilization of 0.38% (Server Just disconnected as i was typing this and the utilization on the VPN connections on both servers went through the roof) heres the troubleshooting i have tried so far

    1. Rebooted both office DC`s at the same time

    2. Rebooted the branch office DC alone (this helped a little because the connection is staying active longer without fail)

    3. looked through all RRAS configuration on both servers to see if theres any mistakes by any other administrators (None Were Found)

    4. Used wireshark to see if there was anything interfering or that would cause this to happen (Nothing found)

    5. manually connected to the server in multiple ways like accessing network shares and remote management via MMC and manually making the servers replicate to see if any of that was causing issues and it wasnt

    My thoughts: im starting to think it may be a switch or something causing the connection issue at the branch office because the main office has all new routers and switches and just recently got a 100.00MBPS connection but nothing was affected for a good month so im not thinking it is the new connection or anything at the main office if theres something im overlooking here please let me know if some ipconfig /all results are needed i can provide them

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