Power Query: Store data previously queried and append daily query to just make a query of daily data RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    I am using power query and power view to show indicators coming from a business app. I am facing something what is challenging for a self-lerner in using former named powerquery. 

    The databse owner provide some data from a webservice (very granular) and some other using a ftp (less granular) usin two separate approaches:

    • In the ftp they updates a single file with all data YTD: from 1st January to today(). Great! I have all the information in my model! 
    • Provides daily data through an rest API (urls). I mean: you can query data from a single day. I have seen some great posts about how to make a function to loop the query and make as many queries as needed (1 per day until today for example) but that's not the solution to my problem cause they don't want me to put so much load every day in requests to the server, neither to provide a YTD API urls to avoid so much load to the server. 

    Well, now that I have explained it all, let's make the question concerning the second point. (If you understood me and arrived here: please help!)

    1. What I think I need is to store the data previously queried so I don't need to query all data every day again. Imageine: the query for 30th December would be huge.
    2. For example: let's say it is 1st April, I have queried until 31st March yesterday and today I want all data I queried before plus data from 1st April. How can I store the data until the 31st of March and append data from 1st April making a single query for such a day?
    3. How can do it for subsquent days so I can, on 2nd April, do the same and query just 2nd April once to append data to table containing data until 31st March plus 1st April data appended in step 2?
    4. An so on...

    I wish someone can come with an idea or a different approach because I'm lost. 

    Thursday, March 23, 2017 11:47 AM

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  • See if any of the solutions in the following link works for you:

    Thursday, March 23, 2017 12:52 PM