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    I currently have UAG setup with 2 servers in an array and nlb, all is working.

    The servers are configured with an internal and external address. Dedicated ip range for vpn access has been assigned to server A and not Server B due to routing rules ( said to me by my network guy )

    The issue i have is with sstp vpn and nlb. sstp works if clients connect server A of the nlb but does not work when connect to server B i.e if server B is suspended from nlb all is cool.

    The question is is the routing rule correct that you cant assign two ips to the vpn ip address i.e allow server A and server B to use same vpn ip range.

    Another question how can i get uag nlb to work that both servers will work with vpn, is sstp vpn supported in an array nlb ?

    Sorry if i haven't made any sense, just ask for more info.







    Thursday, November 4, 2010 5:51 PM