DPM2012 hung by single agent RRS feed

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  • We have a very weird problem at a client's site which makes no sense. We have a single DPM server backing up itself and another virtual host and guests. Amongst those guests is a Server 2003 machine. This is backed up as a VM using HyperV and also using an agent installed on it to back up its SQL databases and specific files.

    This all works fine for a week or so. Then the backup jobs on that machine hang, incrementing the time but with no data passing. However, this also causes the same to other machines on the same virtual host. Ultimately, only the backups of the local DPM server continue to run.

    Stranger still, it also hangs various DPM functions. Once the problem starts it's not possible to modify a job, modify or even open disk allocations; reporting hangs too.

    No errors are logged anywhere. DPM just shows the jobs as running with no data being passed. There are no errors in DPM or in the Event logs on either the DPM server or any of the agents.

    If we restart the single guest machine, everything starts working again and DPM unsticks itself immediately and we can access the facilities which were previously hung without any problems at all. The problem is definitely centred around this single 2003 HV guest. At present we're having to perform a regular restart of the guest to keep things running, but that's clearly not a viable long-term solution. In the absence of any recorded errors, we've really nothing to go on in terms of diagnosis.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Monday, January 14, 2013 10:03 AM