KROSS android tablet GY-M742 usb driver file !?


  • Hi, I got "Kross Touch Screen Internet Tablet with Voice Search (model - GY-M742)" as a gift from Canada and I'm in India and now I am unable to connect it with my pc of OS Windows XP with the usb data cable. I got no driver cds with the box and there is no contact number or website or an email id of the company. So please help me connect my tablet to my pc. My tablet has an ANDROID OS of version 2.3.4.
    Sunday, May 20, 2012 11:48 AM

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  • Unfortunately this is something you must contact the manufacturer/vendor to find out exactly what is needed for your system.

    This is not a Microsoft product, so Microsoft cannot fix your problem.

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    Sunday, May 20, 2012 12:34 PM
  • My friend, I also have a Kross tablet. Are you sure yours is not the GY-748 model? Not that it matters. Kross does not appear to support their products at all. A web search would reveal more information on the where-abouts of Jimmy Hoffas' grave than information on Kross pruducts. And as for support, forget it. Yes it comes without any c.d.'s and even worse is the absolutly pathetic manual. It was clearly written from chinese and interpretated into english by someone without true knowledge of the english language and the so-called manual has less information than the one I have for my multi-mode wrist-watch. I hope your tablet is not stuck in the never ending boot mode like mine is. It is a nightmare from hell. My suggestion is that you join up with ''. They have a lot of real tech informed people more than willing to help 'Newbees' out. I've learned an awful lot in only a few visits. A word of advice, if you go there, and you do a search and have any words less than four characters long enclose the characters within full quotation marks ("boot up") as an example. If you don't do this your search will be rejected. Take heart as they are working to fix the glitch. Also you might want to check your administrator rights on your computer to make sure it will allow you to connect the tablet. That could well keep your U.S.B. detection from working. Did you know that the Kross tablet will take an U.S.B. hub and allow you to use a wide array of products? It was a good device for me until it got 'bricked'. Getting it back to normal requires you to find the proper firmware and get the files onto to a S.D. or t.f. gadget and format the t.f. with fat32 then you have to 'flash' the device. Now I won't pretend to understand this stuff as I don't, but I'm going to try. It's getting the right files that counts the most, and so far I haven't found them. Another thing, if you ever are installing an app make sure you are connected to an external power source, as battery failure during the install is something you do not want. I firmly believe that my tablet got bricked by shutting itself down during an install of an app which converts 'youtube' music to 'mp3' format. Best of luck and I hope you never endure a bricked tablet. And if yours is bricked don't get too pissed as this is not only happening to the cheaper devices but to them all. And worse no ones talking about it. It's sort of an industry secret that could really hurt tablet sales if the extent of the problem was revealed by the media. Michael
    Saturday, August 18, 2012 4:47 PM