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  • Hello all,

    Im new in the IT field and my boss has tasked me with creating a Robocopy script. The reasoning behind this is we have an XCopy script that allows one of our end users to copy over multiple files into a mapped network drive. The issue is that the script is literally just aimed to dump all the files from the laptop's C:\Recordings folder into the mapped network drive's root where our user then manually moves the copied files into the appropriate directories. What I want to do is create a script that moves the plethora of files and organizes them into the appropriate folders, therefore, providing our end user with a much easier, more efficient way to do the task at hand. What I'd like is some help on laying the ground work for the script because I'm definitely NOT the best script writer. Id like to see how one looks like and then craft it to fit my environment. Plus, any ideas are more than welcome on how I should approach this. I'm thinking about organizing the files by timestamps or find a way to do something such as if a file is new, to replace the old one in the directory it belongs to, or if nothing has changed to ignore it and leave it as is. Any ideas are welcome! 

    Thank you. 

    Wednesday, March 23, 2016 2:03 AM


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