Recipe for Sequencing 64 bit SAS Foundation

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    Title: SAS Foundation 64bit
    Body: Application Name:  SAS Foundation and related software 64bit
    Application Version:  9.2
    Company Name: SAS

    Sequencer Version: 4.6 RTM
    App-V Client Version Tested On: 4.6 RTM

    Operating System Sequenced On: Windows 7 x64
    Pre-requisites: No Prerequisites
    Client Operating Systems Successfully Deployed To: Windows 7
    Posted by Microsoft Employee: Jim Truchon
    Steps to Sequence the Application:


    1.  Start the sequencer on a clean Windows 7 x64 machine, latest updates applied.


    2.  Create a new Package and Begin Monitoring


    3. Copy tcpdeam.dll and tcpdencr.dll from  products\sasinstall_92330_wx6_en_sp0_1\sas\core\sasexe  to c:\windows\syswow64


    4. Begin the SAS setup, for this recipe I used English


    5. Specific SAS  setup options, chosen for no particular reason. SAS license  may affect what options are selected or available.

    a. Choose Install SAS Software , click <NEXT>

    b. Specify SAS Home: q:\SAS_MNT.vo1  click <NEXT>

    c. Choose Products to Install: SAS Foundation and related software  click <NEXT>

    d. click  <NEXT>

    e. for Language support, Clear All then click <NEXT>

    f. Leave Use the recommended Java Runtime Environment selected and click  <NEXT>

    g. click <START>


    6. Setup will continue with the occasional prompt for user input.


    7. Once setup is complete, create the package. In my test, I did not launch any applications so everything is in FB1



    Known Issues/Limitations:   None
    Approximate Sequencing Time: 2 hours

    Additional Notes/Links: Step 3 is very important, without this the SAS setup  will fail during sequencing.

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    Tuesday, November 16, 2010 12:45 PM

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