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  • After two days of work, I don't know if Microsoft is having overload problems due to the announcement of Windows 8, or if I'm having systems problems, or if Microsoft has suddently decided not to support XP Pro.    Perhaps they want me to toss all my equipment so I can upgrade to new software!

    After I got a blue screen of death, it indicated I might need a new driver.  Dell only said I could check each driver against existing driver numbers (ahh, there's a 3 day project), if that is even the solution.  So I decided to do the update.  I've got XP PRo, w/SP3 and last updated on Feb 14th.  I updated and got error  0xC800042D.  THAT search area said there was no record of that error number.

    Stepping back, I ran that and found three different fixes for that.  I ran each of them which said they fixed the updater I had.  I re-ran the updater and again had the same error.  Another "fix" was to check for firewall issues.  I checked both on my computer and on my Modem.  No obstructions.  I even disconnected the anti-virus software.

    Then, I tried system restore to the 15th of February....not knowing what I might have done.  I re-ran the updater and once again got the same error.

    Has MS just deleted the updates and is trying to say "Upgrade"?  Are there so many downloads of V 8 that there's a strain?  The system at that point doesn't even show  0xC800042D.

    WTF?  I'm glad I have no violent weapons!


    Saturday, March 3, 2012 6:07 PM