How to list active users and groups named GroupName* the user NOT belongs to and export to CSV RRS feed

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    We have several AD global groups groups following a name convention, and the groups are:





    It has been requested to generate a CSV listing of active users that do NOT belong to these groups

    it´s possible to do, using VBS or PowerShell?

    I found a very clever script in:

    get-aduser -filter * -Properties name,memberof |select name, @{n=’MemberOf’; e= { ( $_.memberof | % { (Get-ADObject $_).Name }) -join “,” }} | export-csv c:\users.csv -nti

    Using this, i was able to export do MS Excel and remove the information i don´t want, so it´s a matter of including a filter to Enable $TRUE  and looking for groups whose names does not begin with gg-System-Name*

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