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  • I have 2GB x 1 ram with 667 MHZ and 1GB x 2 with 667 MHZ 

    So I just formated my computer and install Window 7 64 bit few days ago. ( which is 32 bit before )

    when i am using 32 bit , i plug all ram on my MB with no problem 2 GB on slot 0 , 1 GB x 2 on slot 1

    yes i know 32 Bit only read up to 3.25 so it doesnt matter.

    But after i upgraded to Window 7 64 bit, before i install my driver ( graphic , sound , headset etc ).

    my computer can start up normally without a problem, and it can use all my 4 GB ram.

    But after I installed my graphic card driver ( HD 5770 ), when i reboot my computer ( after the window logo loading )

    it jumps to blue screen, it was very fast , i cant even see what is says, i see something like shut down to prevent damage,

    and the bottom says Dumping physical memory : counting from 0 to 100 then restart.

    I restart the computer and goto safe mode, which is fine with those 4 GB ram. 

    but if i start up normally with 4GB ram, it will just jump to blue screen after the window loading logo.

    I removed 1 GB ram and it works fine. ( i tested all different combination , so it will not be the BAD ram problem )

    Did anyone know why it will jump to blue screen when i start up normally with 4 GB ram and the graphic card driver ( HD 5770, newest driver )

    i got all my window updated. And i really want to use all my ram instead of 3 GB only, that is the main reason for me to get 64 bit.

    can anyone help me, i know my english is pretty bad.

    more information.

    CPU, AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4400+

    Motherboard : Aspire M5100  ( i go to acer and it says this board can use up to 4 GB )

    RAM : 3 GB  ( 2GB x1 , 1 GB x 1)

    Graphic card : HD 5770. 1GB DDR 5.

    i may able to provide more information if you guys ask me, thx a lot

    Friday, January 7, 2011 11:37 PM

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  • Please run CPU-Z and make a screenshot of the memory and the SPD tab for each RAM module. Maybe the timing don't match.

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    Saturday, January 8, 2011 1:43 PM