Recover data from Storage Space?

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  • Running WSE2012. I had data stored on a simple storage space defined as E:\ServerFolders\Mydata. My problem began when I added a drive to the pool. When I installed the drive in the machine, it had already been formatted and so it received the drive letter E and the pool got F. At this point the Dashboard/Storage/Server Folders section threw me an error, since E:\ServerFolders\Mydata was gone (the OS had moved it to F). I added the drive to the pool, and now the pool got E so everything should have been fine. But the Dashboard was still reporting that E:\ServerFolders\Mydata wasn't there.

    No problem, I thought -- I'll just recreate it. So I created a new ServerFolder in E:\ServerFolders -- in the root, which I think was my big mistake since it was late and I was sleepy. It seems that creating the new ServerFolder in E:\ServerFolders wiped out anything that was already there -- which included my folder E:\ServerFolders\Mydata.


    I've reconciled myself to the loss of the data, but now I have some new (probably false) hope. In the Storage Spaces control panel, my E space is reported as using 3.10 TB of pool capacity, though no files appear when I use Windows Explorer. So clearly some part of Windows still recognizes that there's data there. Is there any way to get that data back?

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 11:53 AM