Problem "Endpoint ConnectivityChecksCompleted with reason: OperationFailed" RRS feed

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  • OCS R1 with 1 Mediation server.   both on the same subnet. no edge server. no NAT all real IP space.  IM chat works and screen share.  calls outbound and inbound work but disconnect after 10 seconds ish.  with the following message.   any thing I can start tracking down?

    Dave P

    TL_INFO(TF_COMPONENT) [2]0258.0ADC::11/16/2010-21:31:46.575.0000065d (MediationServer,ProxyStream.ProcessConnectivityStateChangedEvent:816.idx(1641))( 00D40CBA )$$START-MEDIATIONSERVER
    MediationCall: 5605e995322148378afc8d3de92b2c4a
    CallId: af77d54fdde049d39bf06c5f175a4e55
    From: sip:1111111@umail.utah.edu
    To: sip:11111;phone-context=default_policy@umail.utah.edu;user=phone
    Direction: Outbound
    Start-Line: Endpoint ConnectivityChecksCompleted with reason: OperationFailed
    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 11:42 PM