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    Symptom: when you delete a column from a SQL table or view, ILM throws an error when updating the schema of the SQL MA.
    Error message: "Attribute '<deleted Attribute>' could not be located in the schema"

    1. In ILM, remove attribute flows using the deleted column.
    2. In SQL, create a temporary view, with the same columns as the original table or view, except for the deleted column(s). When using a table you also could duplicate the table and save it with an temporary name.
    3. In ILM open the SQL MA config, change the configuration to use the temporary view or table.
    4. Save the MA config
    5. You do NOT need to run a schema update and should NOT run any run profile.
    6. In ILM, open the SQL MA config again, change the configuration to use the original table/view.
    7. Save the MA config

     More details at: Technet Wiki article

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    Peter Geelen - Sr. Consultant IDA (http://www.fim2010.be)

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    Tuesday, June 22, 2010 11:35 PM