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  • I have a new Exchange 2010 SP1 server that I want to set up multiple databases on and protect with DPM 2010.  If in the future I want to move an Exchange database to another disk, how best to continue protection?

    I actually tried it and found that DPM throws an error when trying to make a recovery point after moving the database:

    Triggering synchronization on Database Name failed:
    Error 30156: DPM is unable to continue protection for Database Name on serverFQDN because the change tracking information is corrupt
    Error details: Do not attach the filter to the volume at this time (0x801F000F)
    Recommended action:

    But, I then did a consistency check and all was well.  I successfully recovered to network folder with the new recovery point and it looks ok.  The path in the replica volume is wrong -- it has C-Vol (the old drive) instead of D-Vol.

    So, this seems like it will be fine going forward but is this documented anywhere that it is supported?


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  • As a follow-up, I also renamed a database - changed both it's path, filenames, and logical name.  Then did a consistency check - all was well, except it kept the old database name in the datasource description.  I even looked in the replica volume using mountvol and it had the right files and locations - the path even had the right volume letter.  But there did not seem to be a way to rename the datasource.  I tried removing it from protection, removing the replica, and then reprotecting it - it still sees the old name. 

    Since no one has responded yet I am suspicious I've entered a grey area.  Has anyone else seen or dealt with this?

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 2:51 AM
  • Did you find a solution for this ? I have the same issue after renaming several Exchange databases.. DPM seems to retain the old name ?? Makes it difficult when attempting to restore the right database when the names are different in DPM !
    Steve Lithgow
    Friday, January 13, 2012 2:28 PM
  • No, I stopped looking after posting this.  I didn't have a pressing need but wanted to know what flexibility I had to move or rename databases while I was still piloting Exchange.  I learned to not rename the databases.  I was hoping that the DPM authorities would eventually post some guidance on the subject but I guess they haven't.

    Although DPM is doing it's job and is low maintenance once everything is set up, it seems very inflexible when it comes to moving or renaming datasources - ties lots of things in it's database to low-level IDs like Active Directory SIDs and Disk IDs but also uses higher-level IDs, too, like volume letters and server names, including it's own!  I've just had to accept that it's the way it is and get the names right the first time. 

    I'm sure there is an Active Directory record for the Exchange database and either Active Directory still has the old name or DPM has permanently remembered it.  If the database size doesn't help you figure out what's what, I think you will just have to use mountvol to look inside the replica volumes to correlate file names and paths with what you have on the Exchange server.  Hope that helps.

    Friday, January 13, 2012 4:08 PM