Update on 12/12/15 generates disk error notification. RRS feed

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  • I am normally self sufficient but today I have encountered an odd issue related with an update error.  When I started my workstation today I received the typical "Wait while Windows installs updates" message followed by a reboot. Nothing unusual. This time the machine hung at the black screen ( after the logo flash) during the start for what seemed like at least 5 minutes maybe more. Then it flashed a STOP....listing the NVIDA driver and rebooted again. When the machine finally did finish the boot , I logged in and noticed a notification of a potential disk error, and a link to error checking for c: The "check while online link" didn't work so I clicked This PC /C: /properties to launch from the drive properties tab...nothing. I attempted to open a command prompt as admin to run chkdsk and sfc and received an error "Windows cannot find Cmd.exe".  so i was unable to elevate the cmd window. I can run Cmd under normal privilege.

    For troubleshooting I attempted to open the usual suspects , as as I expected Windows "couldn't find" mmc, task manager, device manager, restore, backup..etc.  I tried them all ,from command and  by physically locating the executables in  c:/windows/ *  The files were there and the sizes and dates matched my Windows 10 laptop so Ive got the right files, the update completed on my laptop. I did notice 12 stub files  with GUIDS as names in the root of C: with today's date.

    My best educated guess ,the update crashed because of the video driver STOP

    I could however open advanced recovery so I dropped to a safe mode command prompt and was able to launch SFC, it couldn't run due to execution protection and logging limitations. Otherwise the machine runs fine...seriously ...the apps, browsers, worries. Irritating.

    My options are limited at this point,

    • do a Reset and hope.
    • take the opportunity to do a planned upgrade ,namely replace the drive with an SSD. I would reinstall WIN 7 from the MFG recovery disks and take the 10 upgrade again.

    I assume since the upgrade based the license on the factory image I can do that.

    Any thoughts on this problem?  /R MF

    Saturday, December 12, 2015 9:21 PM