Was Security Update for Vista kb2378111 resissued today (13mar2012) RRS feed

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  • After installing the latest 6 updates successfully, I received an new update alert to install Security Update KB2378111.  This seemed odd to me since upon checking my update history, the update in questions was successfully installed on my Acer Notebook (Vista Home Basic sp2) in October, 2010.  I am , therefore waiting until I get forum feedback on this issue.

    There is, however, a possible explanation of this event.  After the security and malicious updates ran and my notebook restarted successfully, I installed Apple Safari browser.  As I watched Safari installing, I noticed that changes were being made to my Win Firewall like removing BonJour from what I figure was the list of programs blocked by the ifirewall.

    My questions are: 

    1.  Was this a hack by someone through using that particular 2010 update; or,

    2. Could the installation of Safari and its accompanying utilities somehow trigger the reissue of KB2378111 to my computer which the support page identified as repairing a Windows Media Player security issue back in October 2010.

    Any guidance will be appreciated.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 12:32 AM


  • With more time today, I went hunting for an answer since the Windows Update icon appeared again today.  My solution follows:

    1.  To avoid any possible hacked situation, I went to the page where update KB2378111 can be downloaded along with the standalone update installer and downloaded same.

    2.  I opened the download and let it run and it gave me the message that it was not for my computer.  The update icon is now gone.

    I still would like to know if or what installing Apple Safari may have triggered that particular update notice to pop up.  I performed searches, but did not find any previous mention of this occurring.

    My question is, therefore, resolved.... for now.



    Friday, March 16, 2012 1:52 AM