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  • My teacher said this script shouldn't take us more that an hour to complete however, he is throwing us into this assignment with no prior power shell experience. He told us to reference our "//Step by step Windows PowerShell by Ed Wilson" book if we needed help. I have been working on this for 4 hrs and find myself in that same spot as when I started. Here is what I need to do.

    With this script you will be required to pass as a parameter the user's name; multiple user names can be passed, and this parameter is not required – however, if no user is passed, a warning message will be displayed indicating that potentially all users will be deleted in the specified DN and will allow them to exit or continue. The script will need to locate the user(s) in AD. Any user that is not found will be displayed as an invalid user. Those users that are found will be deleted. All users not found will be listed as "Not Found". The listing of found users will also display the user's Full Name.

    To improve performance, this script should also accept the search path where it should look for the users. This search path must be a Distinguished Name (DN). The DN is required. If no username is passed, then all users found in the specified DN will be deleted.

    Sunday, April 28, 2019 4:09 PM

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  • Instead of asking others to write the script (your homework) for you you should talk to your teacher about this task. Did you read the book?

    What do you have so far? Show your code please.

    Live long and prosper!


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  • I would recommend starting by reading the book referenced.  From experience I can tell you that all of the issues referenced are addressed in the book and are presented in a way that is much better than you will ever get in forum response.

    You can also use the table of contents and index to look up all of your questions.

    To become a technician it is critical that you learn how to read and that you read the documentation for any technology that you want to use. This is a basic requirement of becoming a technician.  Forums are only useful once you have learned the basics of computers and have learned how a computer technician does her job.

    It is also clear that your teacher is challenging you to think for yourself.  This is another basic requirement for working with technology.  The instructor wants you to see what you do not know and also to get you to understand where you have to improve your understanding.  Your job is to try your best and then pay attention to the next lessons.  This is a teaching technique.  The instructor will answer all of your questions after you have done your best with the challenge.


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