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  • I am not sure which Forum my complain should have gone to, Please forward this to the appropriate channel, because I think this is a very serious problem in Microsoft Explorer's setup error.

    I am so shock to find out that in using the new Window language set up to find out that the IME pad for the input of Chinese characters were deleted from the Chinese language selection options and only falling into Japanese and/or Korean language set up selections options? Why does this happened? the IME pad was originally created for the Chinese language input method, why did it get kicked off the selection lists from the Language setup during one of the patches updates? Because I knew I used it a lot in the past on the very same PC, now all of a sudden it disappeared, Can you address this issue for me, I would very much appreciate your attention and explanation.

    One of other questions I have on the Chinese language set up is that recently, on my old PC, all of sudden, the Chinese input method is acting funny, because it will only input Chinese for me one time, after I wrote some thing, and try to do the next article, the IME pad will disappear, I can not bring it back no matter wghat. Can you explain this for me?

    Please direct your response to my Email at or Iphone 918-298-1688

    A loyal user of the Chinese language IME Pad,

    Tom Kung

    Sunday, January 31, 2016 4:23 PM