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  • Dear all,

    I am using MS Project Server 2010 and we tried to handle our schedules like this:

    Subproject A <-> Input/Output Schedule <-> SubProject B and so on and so force.

    In the Input/Output schedule are only milestones. I have 10 SubProjects with up to 1.000 tasks per SubProject.

    1) I was expecting, that, if I open just one of these SubProjects that I see the critical path only for that schedule.

    But: Nearly all tasks are on the critical path (at least all which has a predecessor or a sucessor to the Input/Output schedule)

    Another strange thing: If I remove these links, the calculation seems to be correct. How can that be?

    2) I was also expecting that, if I create an overview schedule with all SubProjects as a subschedule, that I can see the critical path from all together.

    But also this doesn't work at all. Because also here is nearly all on the critical path - most likely with a total slack of minus whatever.

    We do not work with Deadlines or sth that can maybe a problem for the critical path calculation. Nearly all tasks are planed "as soon as possible".

    I really hope that someone has an idea how to solve this issue and not that it is a bug or "feature" of MS Project ;-)

    Best regards and thanks in advance.


    Thursday, December 1, 2016 9:52 AM