I just want to see who is connected via RDP to my WS2012 server!


  • It was easy in WS2K3 and WS2K8 but now in the "new, improved and simplified" Windows Server 2012 OS, I went to shut down the server and it said that someone is still connected.  I just wanted to know who.  Obviously the OS knows or it wouldn't be telling me that someone is connected.  In Windows Server 2003, I would just switch over to admin tools/Terminal Services connection manager to see who, or in WS2K8R2, I'd go to admin tools/Remote Desktop Connections manager.  I don't see anything like that in Windows Server 2012.  I found some links on the Internet saying I had to install a complete Remote Desktop Services role, but when I tried, it said the server needed to be in a domain to do that.  My old servers didn't have to be in a domain to run the connections manager!  Is it too much to ask to see who is logged in remotely without having to put the server in a domain and install a complete remote desktop management role?

    Monday, November 04, 2013 7:58 PM