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  • I am using MS Project 2013 and have assigned individuals to a specific Resource Group. These individuals has been assigned tasks. However, there is no data appearing for the Resource Groups on the Resource Graph.

    Example: Tom, Mary, and Jerry are assigned to the Logistics Resource Group. Shouldn't data for the three individual show up for Logistics in the Resource Graph?

    Tuesday, August 23, 2016 9:09 PM

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  • No. Resource Graph only shows data for each resource, not resource groups. However you can do the following:

    • Task, Details
    • Select the top half of the screen and view the Resource Sheet
    • Select the bottom half of the screen then view the Resource graph
    • Select all the resources for a group on the Resource Sheet
    • In the Resource Graph right click and select bar Styles...
    • Select a shape for Selected Resources (allocated and over-allocated

    Now you can see a graph for a group just by selecting multiple resources in the resource sheet. Its semi-manual but it works.

    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 4:10 AM
  • Rod,

    Thanks for the reply. What I got from this was: I was able to see both the allocations and over-allocation for each of the individual resources by scrolling the Resource Group.  I would think that Microsoft would have considered allowing to view the Resource Group as a whole to help determine which group is being over or under utilized. This could help determine if additional projects can be accepted or not. Am I missing something?



    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 6:36 PM
  • People review by skill, team, group, department, account and more. So there is a way of doing these as I described above but obviously there has not been the demand to actually report by resource group for Microsoft to prioritise the feature.

    Often people create and assign generic resources to tasks until the real person is known at a later date, which also complicates things.

    For now I'm afraid you have what you have.


    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 11:31 PM
  • Using the direction above as a reference:

    I select 3 people that consist of a group. Is there a way to display the total number hours the group is have available for a particular day along with the number of allocated and over allocated hours for each individual in that group in a bar graph?

    Friday, September 2, 2016 1:00 AM
  • You can only show a line or bar for all selected resources and one resource at a time.d If you want more you need to copy the data to Excel and graph it there.

    Rod Gill
    Author of the one and only Project VBA Book and VBA developer.

    Friday, September 2, 2016 9:59 AM