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  • Hey there experts,

    I've been facing this problem for quite some time now,more than a month.My desktop wallpaper wouldn't change,no matter what I tried,and despite of all the tips I found here regarding similar problems..all in vain.
    I used to have only one user account,an administrator one of course,but then I followed an advice(actually 1/2 of it only) I found here on TechNet somewhere to create a new account.And guess what,in the new administrator account I created,the problem of the wallpaper was gone. I tried to figure out the reason,but couldn't really arrive at anything.
    Can a theme do this? I noticed that in the new account,the desktop runs on "wesmosis(modified)" theme,while the old messed-up account runs on "wesmosis" theme. Actually I dunno what I had done to transform the modified one to a normal one,I just know that the Wesmosis Modified theme is the default theme,and I like it a lot better.It's not in the theme list in the messed-up account.

    Help?! Tongue Tied

    Saturday, December 29, 2007 6:01 PM



    Hi Sarah,


    Would you please help me clarify the following questions:


    1. What problem was encountered when trying to change wallpaper?

    2. Can you change the wallpaper through right click a opened picture and then choose “Set as Desktop Background”?

    3. Have you tried the suggestions in the following thread?




    4. Do you have SteadyState installed and some restrictions configured?


    Based on my experience, wallpaper restrictions are usually configured through the above group policies. However, based on your description, this issue may occur if your original account has been corrupted.


    Just for your information, the following steps will help you transfer the original user profile to a new account. (You can also select the parts you would like to transfer)


    Step I: Transfer "My Documents"


    1. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the following folder:

    c:\Documents and Settings\(old user)\My Documents


    Note: (old user) is the login name of your original user account.

    2. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the following folder:

    c:\Documents and Settings\(new user)\My Documents


    Note: (new user) is the login name of your newly created user account.

    3. Move all files from the original folder to the new one.


    Step II: Transfer Outlook Express(OE) Emails


    Phase 1: Back Up Email Files


    1. Log on the user account that you would like to transfer the emails from.

    2. Start OE.

    3. Choose Tools -> Options -> Maintenance, click the Store Folder button.

    4. Select and copy the path of the store folder, paste the location to a Windows Explorer window and open that location.

    5. Copy all files in the store folder to a backup folder.


    Phase 2: Import the Email Files


    1. Configure your email account in the new user account.

    2. Click the File menu, point to Import and click "Messages".

    3. Click to highlight "Microsoft Outlook Express 6" and click Next. (If you use another version of Outlook Express before, please select the appropriate one here.)

    4. Click to select "Import mail from an OE6 store directory" and click OK.

    5. Click the Browse button to locate the backup folder your email files are stored.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Click to select "All folders" and click Next.

    8. Click Finish.


    Step III: IE Favorites


    1. Log on to the old user account and start IE.

    2. Under the File menu, choose Import and Export, choose Export Favorites, save the favorites to any place in the hard disk.

    3. Log off and log on to the new user account.

    4. Start IE and start the Import and Export wizard.

    5. Choose Import and import the saved favorites.


    Step IV: Start Menu Items


    To move the shortcuts in Start Menu, you will need to backup all items in the following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\(Old User Account)\Start Menu\Programs


    Then, copy them to C:\Documents and Settings\(New User Account)\Start Menu\Programs


    Step V: Desktop Items


    1. Log on to the old user account.

    2. Copy everything in the folder C:\Documents and Stings\(old user)\Desktop to a backup folder (for example: C:\Backup).

    3. Log off and log on to the new user account.

    4. Copy the backed up files to the new location: C:\Documents and Settings\(new user)\Desktop


    Step VI: Quick Launch Items


    The Quick Launch items are stored in the following folder, please find the corresponding folders and transfer the shortcuts between the two accounts:


    C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch


    Note: If the folder Application Data is not shown, please use the following steps to show hidden folders:


    1. Open My Computer.

    2. Under the Tools menu, click Folder Options.

    3. In the opened window, select the View tab, and check Show Hidden Files and Folders in the Advanced settings list.

    4. Also uncheck the 2 boxes below it.


    If anything is unclear or there are any questions about the steps, please feel free to let me know. I will be glad to help.


    Best Regards,


    Monday, December 31, 2007 3:52 AM