Remote procedure call failed and did not execute response after changing contents RRS feed

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  • Hey Hey!

    I have reviewed the other posts related to this issue but have not found a solution.

    I have done myself quite a mischief and hope someone here can help me out!

    I'm running an old ACER laptop with Windows 7. This PC belonged to an old colleague and therefore all of the folders and user names were still under his name, so I decided to try to change them all to my name. The main issue was the USER folder which had the locked symbol next to it but it wasn't locked at all. I googled how to delete this folder and one bright spark suggested I create a new folder with my name, copy all of the folders from the other 'locked' user's folder into my folder, and then delete the old user's folder. 

    That was fine. All seemed well. When I tried to delete the old folder the computer sat around thinking saying it was 'moving' but not doing anything. So, I cancelled the operation in the Task Manager. When I attempted to open any folder from the start menu or desktop or task bar I was presented with a bunch of numbers and letters and the message "REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL FAILED AND DID NOT EXECUTE."

    I quickly googled the message realising I'd made a major error and the first response was to type in services.msc or something to that effect, so I typed that into the Start Menu search bar and hit enter and nothing came up. So, I tried again, but now I couldn't type anything into the search bar, I could not even select any programs from the Start Menu. 

    So, I can't access the Start Menu, search bar, or any of the folders unless I open uTorrent, select open containing folder, and from there I can access what I need.

    I'm too afraid to reboot the PC. I can't locate my copy of Windows 7 anywhere. I'm freaking out!!

    Before I pour my lowly student wage into getting a professional to fix it, could someone please offer some suggestions??

    Greatly appreciated in advance. 

    Paris, Texas. 

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