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  • Can someone help me quickly estimate my options for licensing ATA in our environment.  I have seen the FAQ but i'm not familiar with a lot of the licensing terms, so I thought maybe someone could cut through it all and help me get a quick idea of best approach and cost.  We have the following

    -four domains (one being our internal user domain where you find the majority of our servers and all our desktops; the other three domain are where a handful of web servers live - no users/desktops).

    - 186 Windows servers

    - 124 Windows clients (e.g. Windows 7)

    - 95 human users (with 95 user accounts for those humans)

    - we have many more accounts that are used for running services. i'm assuming we don't need that number.

    - we have many more accounts that are used for our web server users in our three external domains.  those users are licensed to use our web servers via an External Connector license for Windows. 

    My question is, do I only need to license the 95 internal human users OR the 124 windows clients that our human users use?  If so, here's what I think my costs are going to be.

    user-based licensing
    95 users
    $80 per user/per year

    client device-based
    $61.50 per device/per-year
    124 client devices

    If i'm doing this right, then it's approximately the same cost either way.  Can someone confirm my numbers/understanding of how this works?



    Thursday, August 24, 2017 5:11 PM

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  • As far as i know, we got ATA as part of Our EMS License package that was a user based licence.

    Dont purchase a Client Device, as in these days With Office 365 and everything, a user can have several Devices.

    Thomas Førde

    Friday, August 25, 2017 6:28 AM
  • Hello Jim,

    Based on my own understanding for the ATA Licensing datasheet, the number of licenses you need will depend on:

    - The domain controllers you configure ATA to monitor

    - The user or user devices contained in the AD forests or domains that are managed by those domain controllers.

    Therefore, if you configure the ATA to monitor the domain controllers in the internal domain only, your calculation is approximately correct. Please note that you only need to pay once, not for each year.

    Since this is a sales question, I would recommend to contact Microsoft representative for getting better support.

    Best regards,
    Andy Liu

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    Friday, August 25, 2017 6:54 AM