Adding Servers to Cluster


  • I inherited our current AD RMS configuration and have never configured it before.  I'm trying to replace the current 2008 R2 servers with 2012 servers but need to I have to be a Domain Admin?  I am using Server Manager to add the AD RMS Role, am able to connect to the DB server and retrieve the config DB, but my error is when I try to join an existing cluster.

    I have the Cluster Key Password
    I enter the proper Service Account
    I select Default Web Site
    I choose the proper certificate
    Confirm and click Install

    The error reads as follows:
    AD RMS Configuration Error

    I have also logged on to the server with another domain account (local administrators group) and tried and failed.  Stated I needed the proper service account.  I am logged on to the server with that account.  

    Do I need to be a Domain Administrator?

    Greg Rojas

    Friday, March 30, 2018 2:33 AM