HowTo find E-Mail activated lists, when Directory Management isn´t used? RRS feed

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  • MOSS 2007:

    My job is to provide an overview of all E-Mail activated lists.

    This is quite a challenge, because my parent, didn´t use the check box, within incoming E-Mail Settings to use Directory Management Service at all.

    So, i have no information within Active Directory of any setup / E-mail Activated list :-(

    A manual step through the whole MOSS organization would be senseless and i´ve found currently no other informations about

    HOT TO Centrally get information's about which Lists, Librarys etc. are E-mail Activated.

    Any help regarding this issue would be greatly apprecitated.

    If you need more informations, just let me know.




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  • Hi Guys,

    found a solution at the end by myself - Query the SQL Database for e-mail aliases.

    Did this with this query against each content Database:

    SELECT Webs.FullUrl, AllLists.tp_Title, AllLists.tp_EmailAlias
    FROM AllLists
    Inner join webs on AllLists.tp_WebID = Webs.Id
    where AllLists.tp_EmailAlias is not null
    That was the solution for me.
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