How do I show MDT 2012's "Processing Custom Settings" progress bar when running ZTIGather.wsf again AFTER Task Sequence selection?


  • Hey guys,

    I'm using the TasksequenceID property in my CustomSettings.ini file to filter items in the MDT Wizard based on Task Sequence selection. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of this trick, and I'm also sure a lot of you know getting it to work involves running ZTIGather.wsf again after a Task Sequence is selected in the Wizard. I achieved this by adding the following code snippet to the bottom of the ValidateTSList function in DeployWiz_SelectTS.vbs:

    sCmd = "wscript.exe """ & oUtility.ScriptDir & "\ZTIGather.wsf"" /nolocalonly" 
    oItem = oShell.Run(sCmd, , true)

    So it works great...with one downside. There is a 30 second "pause" that happens when an MDT Wizard user selects a Task Sequence and clicks "Next". Now, we all know why this pause is there. MDT is actually using ZTIGather.wsf to reprocess CustomSettings.ini behind the scenes. This is necessary for the TaskSequenceID variables to get set, but its also frunsrating because it makes MDT appear to "lag". I'd like an indicator there to show something is actually happening on the backend. The best solution I can think of is to somehow reinvoke that nice "Processing Custom Settings" Wizard dialog that appers when you first run MDT. Does anyone know of any way to tweak one (or more) of the default scripts so they will re-run that progress indicator when a Task Sequence is selected and "Next" is clicked?  

    For reference I've posted a screenshot of the indicator below:


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  • I did not get a response to the original question I posted in this thread. After I re-read it I realized it was a bit confusing. I reworded it in a way that (hopefully) makes more sense. Hopefully someone can help.
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