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  • Hi I have had such bad service from Microsoft techs it is costing me so much time and stress, can some one help me please.?

    first I could not download Microsoft updates for several weeks, so they did a remote access this ended up over 2-3 days before the techs decided to strip window 7 and re install it. next I could not get my archived emails as they had stripped them off my site; then they strip away all my programs information so I was then told to by another outlook 2013 form the web, which I did so I could operate my business; Now that is not working properly so I had more Microsoft techs do more remote servicing and again they stripped away my home /student office program preventing me from downloading it again from my disc as my laptop will not accept it and the drop downs tell me to follow the script which then says sorry we cannot help you. WHY DOES MICROSOFT CHARGE MONEY FOR SERVICES THEY CANNOT FIX, THEN THEY ACTUALLY MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE.


    harry pearsall

    Friday, July 18, 2014 9:11 PM