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    "I'm the kind of person who just needs to turn UAC off. It's a great idea for the vast majority of regular users, though, so I'm not canning it, just asking some questions on how to actually turn it off so that it stays off. I'm using Windows 7 x64 on a laptop that's just on its own, no domain, no group policy etc. Anyway, I've got my UAC slider all the way down the bottom (and have rebooted), yet I still need to explicitly right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" if I need to run something as an administrator."

    I am using Windows on a laptop that's just on its own, no domain, no group policy etc." applies 

    I rebooted Today UAC was turned back on. Recent changes on previous day were:

    1. Malwarebytes trial had just ended which I just ignored
    2. I had changed registry auto play settings
    3. I had used Gpedit.msc to add chrome.adm (procedure here and I loaded policy_templates.zip\windows\adm\en-US\chrome.adm) as I was testing Chrome behaviour. After testing I removed the template. At no time did I change anything UAC related.

    It seems too odd to be a coincidence that policy editor is probably cause. Does something else like the  UAC setting get applied implicitly when I am just changing setting in Chrome template?

    I have turned UAC off, and all seems ok for now.

    Assume Vista/Win7/Win10 in your answer as I am interested in feedback for all versions - Vista in particular. 

    BTW why no win 7 forum categories in social.technet.microsoft.com yet Vista and XP are still here? 

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