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  • Hi All,

    I have a two Share Point 2007 standalone servers with two versions of SharePoint.

    Computer 1:

    Computer 2:

    To update the .6520 version to .6535 version, I tried installing WssV3sp2-...-...exe file. But, I am getting message that the update is already installed. And also, tried updating officeserver2007sp2-...-..-..exe then also i am getting message saying "The udpate is already installed on this system".

    My knowledge, we don't have SP3 available for wss V3 version and also MOSS 2007 SP3. Please guide me to how i can maintain both the versions same.

    I even did windows update on the computer several times. But, no luck.





    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:30 PM


  • Gautham --

    You are correct in that a third service pack (SP3) has not been released for WSS v3, and personally I would not expect to see one as those tend to include new functionality and features. Since the SharePoint 2010 release is out, that's where the new features and functionality can be found, rather than a new service pack for WSS.

    Now, that does not mean that Microsoft has stopped releasing updates for WSS v3 or MOSS 2007, because they still are. But instead of releasing a service pack, they are releasing groups of updates every two months called "Cumulative Updates", which bundle up several of the hot fixes or patches that have been released in that time frame into a single installation package for deployment on your systems. They are called cumulative updates because the latest and greatest package includes all updates that have been released since the last service pack, SP2, and the application of a single CU will roll in all of the CUs that have been previously released. With each of these CUs, Microsoft also increments the build version number (the last four digits of those versions you posted), which helps to identify what updates have been applied to your farm.

    Based on the build numbers you have above, Computer 1 has had the October 2009 Cumulative Updates applied, while Computer 2 has the April 2010 CU applied. You can do one of two things to get these farms on the same build:

    • Locate the installation package for the April 2010 WSS v3 CU and apply it to Computer 1. (Here's the page to request the installation package for download: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/981043)
    • Install a CU later than the April 2010 CU on both systems, so that they're patched to the same build version

    I'd recommend the first option, but its up to you. MS doesn't do full system and integration testing on these CUs, which is why they only recommend staying completely current with them if they include a patch or hot fix that your system requires. Otherwise, stay on the most current version that you know works for you (the only exception for me is that I recommend being on at least the October 2009 CU b/c it has significant updates to the 2010 upgrade path functionality, but you're already at least to that).

    Also, keep an eye on this page for a complete list of all the updates MS has released for SharePoint and their associated build numbers: http://www.wssdemo.com/Pages/versions.aspx


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