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  • I found a strange behavior of the pwa with the query parameters ProjUid. This usefull information work fine when you use the query string web part and InfoPath forms.

    In my case I use a simple javascript in the header to read the parameter and to execute the command to start Infopath with the ProjUid. This little javascript code search for the parameter in the URL, but in some case this script not passed any value. I search long time to find this strange behavior.

    The first time you enter in your project, coming from the Project Center, you fall on the page you leave last time, if you look at the the url you can read some thing like this :


    You can see that the parameter is write as ProjUid

    If  I clik again on the some page ( in my case Fondation_PID), I can read this url :


    You can see that the all url is now in lower case and the parameter is projuid.

    Why ?? This is causing problem in my script but also int the VA code int he Infopath.

    How to explain this strange behavior.

    Monday, June 18, 2012 6:49 AM

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  • Hi Roland--

    I have seen this kind of question by clients in past, though the site name of pwa was "PWA" & while on homepage it shows the http://Servername/PWA" & once I am in any page project/resource center & any PDP page, It converts all to lowercase (http://servername/pwa/projects.aspx) etc.
    Below support article is for the SP2007 but sounds similar to SP2010:

    This behavior occurs because the navigation functionality in SharePoint Server 2007 depends on an underlying cache that is shared by many features. The cache converts all URLs to uppercase to perform a case-insensitive hash operation. Then, the cache stores the uppercase URLs to avoid performing repeated uppercase conversions. Therefore, in certain situations, uppercase URLs are displayed in the rendered navigation links.


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    Monday, June 18, 2012 9:20 AM