About the error "A website wants to open web content using this program on your computer"


  • Hi All!!

    I have a trouble that when I click the office document(excel, word, ppt) on SharePoint Online document library the following error message is  appeared !!


    To my surprised is that when I click on the document which is in my older site collection the popup don't appear,but in my new site collection I click the document the popup is occurred.


    *I activated the Site Collection Features-Open Documents in Client Applications by Defaultso when I click the document in document library the file is opened by client office application.

    At present my biggest headache is our company all users  when click on the document in new site collection the same popup is appeared .


    I want to know what's the mean with the popup and why the popup is appeared. How to prevent and solve this problem. If who can tell me this question I will be very grateful!


    My and my user's environment


     OS:Window 7  SP1

     IE Version: 11




    Thursday, October 20, 2016 1:16 PM


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