IBM x3650 M5 VS DELL Latitude E5540 performance


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    I have performance problem with my server. IBM x3650 have a two Virtual Machines. One of them is SQL server with 40GB RAM (30GB set for SQL). IBM x3650 have RAID 10. On SQL server i have database (21GB) and tempdb file split to 8 files (server have a 8 Cores). The problem is when i make a simple SELECT query with 33000 rows, SQL server message from statistics is

     SQL Server Execution Times:
       CPU time = 8500 ms,  elapsed time = 9375 ms.

    When i make a same query (sam database )but on my laptop DELL Latitude E5540 (4 cores , 8 gb RAM) statistics looks like

     SQL Server Execution Times:
       CPU time = 65 ms,  elapsed time = 101 ms.

    Why? Why server is slover than laptop? (today when nobody works on server (only my) statistics looks same (even if i do restart)

    Saturday, January 28, 2017 1:55 PM

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